Course 12: Flex Time & Pitch

One-on-one with your mentor, learn how easy it is correct time and pitch when a performance isn’t quite where it needs to be. Using Flex Time in Logic, take multitrack recordings of drums and snap them into place so they groove alongside your sequenced rhythms. With Flex Pitch, correct the spots in your performance that aren’t pitch-perfect, as in a magical vocal take that is ruined by just a few sour notes. You’ll also be exposed to the many ways in which these techniques can be used creatively, such as altering the tempos of existing recordings so they mix well with others. It is no coincidence that many mashups we hear are produced in Logic, and you’ll have all the tools necessary to combine whatever goes well together in your head.


  • Flexing Audio
    • Enabling Flex Mode in Logic Pro X
  • Flex Time
    • Flex Time Algorithms
      • Monophonic
      • Slicing
      • Rhythmic
      • Polyphonic
      • Speed
      • Tempophone
    • Flex Time Editing
      • Flex Tool
      • Flex Markers
    • Section Review
  • Flex Pitch
    • Flex Pitch Editing in the Tracks Area
    • Flex Pitch Editing in Audio File Editor
      • Quantizing Pitch of Notes
      • Quantizing Timing of Notes
      • Changing the Gain of an Audio File
    • Section Review
  • Chapter Assignment