Logic Pro Electronic Music Production
Course 14: Equalization & Dynamic Processing

Equalization and dynamic processing are two of the most established and powerful sonic manipulation tools we producers have in our arsenal. Dating as far back as the early years of broadcasting around the time the telephone was invented, equalization and a type of dynamic processing known as compression were used to facilitate the transfer and capture of sounds. Today, we use these mechanisms to achieve overall balance in our sound, or to effect or manipulate audio signals for creative expression. Both EQs and dynamic processors are powerful devices that can make or break our mix, and in this chapter, we will examine what these are in great detail, as well as delve into the stock EQ and dynamic processor plug-ins that come with Logic Pro X.


  • Equalization
    • Achieving Equalization
    • Types of EQ
    • A Little History on EQ
    • Section Review
  • EQs in Logic Pro X
    • Channel EQ
    • Linear Phase EQ
    • Match EQ
    • Single Band EQ
    • Section Review
  • Dynamic Range
    • Broadcast Limiter
    • Dynamic Range Compression
    • Compressor Parameters
    • Section Review
  • Dynamics Processors in Logic Pro X
    • Adaptive Limiter
    • Compressor
    • DeEsser
    • Enveloper
    • Expander
    • Limiter
    • Multipressor
    • Noise Gate
    • Section Review
  • Chapter Assignment