Logic Pro Electronic Music Production
Course 16: Mixing & Automation

Dig deep into the art and science of mixing records! Through critical listening exercises as well as unique perspectives from your mentor, you’ll master how to shift one’s psyche by various methods of melding the elements in your music. Learn how to automate aspects of your production so you quickly arrive at the sounds you hear in your head. As any Mix Engineer will tell you, a classroom and a textbook alone cannot prepare you to deliver great mixes. At the Recording Connection, we offer you the opportunity to develop your ears inside a real recording studio, being mentored one on one with an industry professional.


  • Mixing
  • Mix Theory
    • Balance
    • How Much is Too Much?
    • Stereo Image
    • Listening Critically
    • Preparing to Mix
    • Section Review
  • Technical Elements for Creative Control
    • Organization and Preparation
    • Parameters To Be Aware Of While Mixing
    • Section Review
  • Automation
    • History of Automation
      • Early Automation
      • Total Recall
      • Flying Faders
      • DAW Automation
      • Section Review
    • Automation in Logic Pro X
      • Creating Automation
      • Types of Automation
      • Viewing Automation Information
      • Automating Audio Tracks
      • Automating MIDI or Instrument Tracks
      • Section Review
    • Automating Plug-Ins
  • Chapter Assignment