Logic Pro Electronic Music Production
Course 17: Mastering

In the recording world, a master is a finished product – a song that is fully mixed down and radio ready! Mastering is the art of sweetening the mix and preparing the mixdown for duplication. The goal of this chapter is to familiarize us with some of the very basics about the mastering process. Mastering is a very technical process that often involves specific gear that is calibrated to subtly alter a mix in ways that improve the sonic qualities of a specific song, and ultimately, for multiple songs on an EP or LP. Mastering often takes an elevated set of ears that really understand, and hear, subtle sonic intricacies that make up certain sounds and effects. For some people, these listening skills could take years to develop. So, as we’re getting started, having good mastering engineers to rely on crucial for developing this skillset, which is another reason our mentors are such great resources!


  • Crash Course in Mastering
    • Relative Loudness
    • Signal Processing
    • Song Order
    • Section Review
  • Redbook CD Standard
    • PQ Code
    • Redbook CD Standard Sample Rate & Bit Depth
    • Dither
    • Section Review
  • Mastering in Logic Pro X
  • Final Mix Assignment