Hip Hop & Beat Making
Course 10: Employment Training Bootcamp I

After spending some time in the studio, you’ll see that running a professional operation is much more than working with artists and their music. This week you’ll spend time observing what happens around the studio, and learning the business/logistical aspects of running a studio. These jobs run the gamut from converting old albums to digital to organizing cables to emptying the trash.

Nothing will make you more invaluable to a studio than bringing in different kinds of clients. Selling hold/wait music to businesses, studio time to local theaters, or recording engineering podcasts can sometimes be tedious, but if you do them well, you’ll make regular work for yourself and become an integral part of the crew.

You’ll learn more about studio etiquette, such as listening instead of speaking, being where you’re supposed to be, and even personal hygiene. Cleaning the studio–including the restrooms–will be done daily and keeping your personal stuff (watching Netflix, social scrolling, etc.) at home. All of this comes together to show you’re a responsible member of the team.

Prince’s Purple Rain soundtrack will be your listening homework and exploring Reason, including writing down any thoughts you have about the plug-in from Propellerhead. Also, take some time to think about who you are and the image you want to project with your headshots. And make time to take the quiz, course review, and finish any required reading while you continue to work on your music.