Course 11: MIDI

Since becoming a “standard protocol” in 1983, MIDI has undoubtedly revolutionized the way music gets made.

Its options and flexibility allows users to create and manipulate sounds in a way that’s downright impossible with physical instruments. Together, we will explore the power of MIDI sequencing. From creating scratch tracks, to controlling FX parameters during a live performance, to assembling a virtual orchestra inside of your computer, MIDI can steal the show or be no more than a great compliment to a killer performance.

In this course you’ll uncover how use MIDI programming to make musical arrangements and change and control various parameters such as note, pitch and velocity, vibrato, panning, and clock signals. Unlock the power of MIDI and greatly increase your speed and creative potential as a hip hop producer.


  • Be able to define what is MIDI.
  • Be able to interpret what is the MIDI protocol.
  • Be able to solve problems that arise when using MIDI.
  • Be able to select the correct MID port by the end of the course.
  • Be able to explain difference between MIDI channels.
  • Be able to describe in what situation you would use effectively use MIDI.