Course 13: Midterm

Can you believe it? You’re halfway there! This chapter is all about preparing you for your midterm, so make good use of it. We’ve poured a lot of thought into the delivery of some valuable information and we want to be sure that you are retaining it.

From “What is hip hop?” to the way sound works and how human ears interpret soundwaves, to the fundamentals of music theory and classic and numerical musical notation, to creating beats in your DAW, song structure and arrangement, to elements of style, song analysis, MIDI, and drum orchestration and sampling—all are facets of hip hop production which you have encountered thus far. Now, give yourself a pat on the back for how far you’ve come in just a few weeks!

Remember, we want to make this as low stress as possible. Stressing out about the midterm helps no one. Proper review of Courses 1-12 and scheduling sessions with your Academic Facilitator can help you set yourself up for a positive midterm exam experience. Remember, creating your own music while using the tools, techniques, and theories you’ve incorporated thus far is a great way to retain what you’ve learned. Feel free to discuss how to do this with your Academic Facilitator well ahead of exam day.


  • Display a comprehensive understanding of all previous concepts.
  • Operate with an understanding of the importance of the subjects covered when applying them to their works.
  • Effectively apply concepts covered to their own works.
  • Assess the effectiveness of how well the concepts covered have been applied to their works.
  • Student’s works should reflect improvement based on subjects covered.