Hip Hop & Beat Making
Course 14: Music Fundamentals 1

If you find the term “music theory” a little intimidating, there’s nothing to worry about. Chances are, you already intuitively know quite a bit of music theory. In Music Fundamentals I, you’ll uncover the building blocks of western music which consists of features like scales, chords, and intervals. Then you’ll then see how such fundamental knowledge of music theory can help you to make informed, sonically pleasing decisions for your music.

Many notable hip-hop producers have had some exposure to music theory. Swizz Beatz’s uncle had a recording studio, Pharrell was in his high school marching band, Nas’ father is a jazz musician, and so on. In this course, we scratch the surface of music fundamentals and music theory so you can cultivate your own awareness.

It’s a lot to take in, we know. Pitch, key, note, intervals, scales, and more all play a part in music theory. Even science has a role in the whole process, and the only way to truly get a handle on music theory is to continually familiarize yourself with these aspects. You’ll be able to better work with your clients and improve your own sound.

At the end of the course, you’ll know key terms for music theory, interpret symbols, calculate scientific equations, and work with more technical aspects of audio engineering and music production. Along with the quiz, course review, and blog entry, your Listening Library will cover Big Sean’s I Decided, your digital field trip will send you Hip Hop Evolution Episode 7, and you’ll start developing your social media presence.