Course 15: Sampling

Sampling is a key part of the hip hop genre because it’s what gives the genre its unique sound. There are many ways to go about sampling from choosing what to sample, how to sample, how to use the sample, how to manipulate the sample, and the list goes on. Fortunately, many giants of the genre have walked the earth to create a path for us to follow as we create our own musical identities through sampling.

So, what exactly is sampling? The practice of sampling takes place when a portion or “sample” of an existing piece of music or audio is manipulated to create a new work. From importing samples into your DAW, to adding it to a virtual sampler or trigger pads, to knowing what to sample and keeping samples in tune with your arrangement, we get into a whole lot of it, so take a deep breath and… let’s begin!


  • Be able to define the different methods of sampling as a result of a basic understanding of music production.
  • Be able to explain how to manipulate a sample in the digital audio workstation.
  • Be able to apply samples to their tracks in the digital audio workstation.