Course 6: Music Fundamentals 2

Building on Music Fundamentals I, we will delve into the basics of rhythm, musical notation, time is expressed in musical units of measures and bars, and numerical time notation in your DAW. Also known as meter, time signatures such as 4/4, 6/8, and 5/4, greatly impact the feel, character, and groove of your music. Developing a sophisticated ear takes time and practice. Together, we uncover the essentials of groove to better understand the magic that makes the right beat so captivating. After that, we will get into programming MIDI into your DAW and adjusting the grid, time signature, and tempo of your session. Such fundamentals are at the core of your knowledgebase as a hip hop producer, so absorb all you can.


  • Be able to define terms used to describe music.
  • Be able to explain how music works.
  • Be able to demonstrate his/her/their knowledge of music.
  • Be able to analyze music.
  • Be able to explain music formats.