Hip Hop & Beat Making
Course 6: Studio Vocal Recording and Integration

Over the first few courses of the Hip Hop and Beat-Making Program, you’ve been making some scratch recordings, adding samples to your song, and learning other techniques and production elements. In this course, you’ll prepare to record more polished vocals and give your music a more professional feel.

This course will help you get ready for your first recording session at the studio, where you’ll be acting as a client rather than a student. For starters, you’ll create a spreadsheet of the vocals you want to record, such as verses, the chorus, ad-libs, and other vocals you may have. This will keep you–and your producer–organized.

You’ll learn how to prepare for studio time by warming up your vocal cords, adjusting the lighting, and setting the overall mood in the studio to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Once you’ve recorded all of your parts, you’ll take those stems home and begin integrating them into your song.

In market time, you’ll visit a few of your favorite social platforms to see which ones will reach the majority of your fans. You’ll finish the course by giving Chance the Rapper’s The Big Day a listen and giving your thoughts on the work and visit Native Instruments and check out their Komplete package of effects, instruments, and samples. You’ll also complete a course review, blog entry, and quiz.