Hip Hop & Beat Making
Course 7: Equalization and Dynamic Processing

Creating an instrumental with impact often requires a number of sonic touch-ups. Equalization and dynamic processing are two powerful tools that allow you to sonically carve out various elements so that everything has its place within the sonic spectrum. Doing this well can enable you to get the sound you’re wanting to bring to the listeners.

In this course, you’ll learn two of the most powerful sonic manipulation tools you have in your arsenal—equalization and dynamic processing. You’ll learn how to bring out the best characteristics of your samples and songs by pinpointing and boosting or reducing specific sonic content. Use EQ to shape individual tracks to “fit” into the mix at both the micro and the macro levels.

For your usual course requirements, you’ll spend market time working on graphics for your brand, whether it’s for an album cover, your social media platforms, bumper stickers, or any other types of merch. Joyner Lucas’ ADHD album will be featured in the listening library, where his lyrics, loops, and topics will blow your mind.

In addition to the course review, blog entry, and quiz, you’ll also watch the fourth episode of Hip Hop Evolution and the introduction of gangsta rap to the genre.