Hip Hop & Beat Making
Course 18: Remix 101

Remixing is an excellent way to explore the potential of a song in terms of melody, breaks, and samples, and it has been a major undertaking for DJs and MCs since the 1990s. It allows producers to dive deep into a particular track, piece by piece, discerning what works and doesn’t work about each stem before reconstructing them into something completely original.

When done correctly, remixes can provide a steady source of inspiration for those searching for creative hooks and grooves. Being exposed to so many beats from different producers encourages emerging musicians to come up with their own unique ideas for rhythmical patterns and catchy melodies that could result in the next hit single.

Remixes are an incredibly powerful tool for you to broaden your fan base and even outsource other outlets. Oftentimes, some genres can be harder to penetrate with an artist’s original song compared to a remix that has been broken down and produced in line with the tastes of current trends. Many production teams look to remix their songs as it helps spread awareness and even land them spots in films and TV shows because of what the remix offers that may have lacked in the original version.

In course 18, you’ll learn how to create a unique remix “kit” from your existing work to provide another producer with the opportunity to explore your sound in innovative ways. Then, take it one step further with the chance to remix your own track and reimagine your song in brand new directions. In the Listening Library, find three songs on YouTube that are remixes and write down why you like them. Continue to watch Hip Hop Evolution (episode 9) on the digital field trip and expand your social media presence by finding a movement you can support.