Live Sound / Live Music
Course 3: Basic Electronics

Live sound and audio have been dependent on electricity for a very long time. In course 3, you’ll look at the fundamentals of electricity and the evolution of technological advances that have shaped the audio world and made live sound what it is today. You’ll take a very basic look at some of the fundamentals of electricity and how these concepts apply to the audio world.

Next, you’ll learn how electricity is harnessed and sent throughout the world, one wire at a time. Again, this won’t be an in-depth look at electrical engineering–thank goodness! But a basic understanding of electricity and how it’s used to power your home, the venue you’re working in, and the gear you work with will help you understand how everything works together.

Which is important when it comes to hooking up that gear in an unfamiliar venue. Understanding power limitations, surge protection, and steps you can take to get the power you need safely are what make a live audio engineer so valuable. Not to mention using this power to make your band sound the best that it can be at any gig.

Yes, we know it sounds a little overwhelming, even after reading just a few paragraphs of what’s waiting for you in course 3. But your Academic Facilitator and mentor will break it down for you in easy-to-digest bites. As always, there will be a quiz and a blog entry waiting for you at the end of the course.