Course 10: How to Master a Song


In Recording Connection Audio Engineering Masters Program lesson ten, you will be covering the final step in a song’s life span: how to master a song. Here you will uncover the art mastering a song and learn some important facts about mastering other songs in an album so that they all fit perfectly together as a whole.

Section One: The Importance Of Music Mastering

In this section, you will explore the reason for mastering a song and the difference between a mastered and mixed song.

Section Two: Mastering A Song Yourself VS. Having Someone Do It For You

Here you will learn the reasons why in most cases why it is better to have some one else master your song or album instead of doing it yourself.

Section Three: Creative Aspects Of Song Mastering

While reading this section you will discover that there are different ways of mastering music, and most producers have their own style. Mastering can help with the overall vibe of a song and album.

Section Four: Technical Aspects Of Mastering A Song

In this section, you will learn that there are some core fundamentals that are applied in nearly all mastering processes. You will cover more about dynamic control, compression and equalization.