Advanced Audio Engineering
Course 14: Finalizing Drum and Bass Performances: Song 2

Every musician brings unique strengths and circumstances to the table, so it’s important to find out what works for each individual. Sometimes giving them space to work through their own feelings and energy is just what they need, while other times creating an atmosphere of comfort to help them tap into their best self. Sometimes a bit of tough love and constructive criticism can do wonders too. Ultimately, regardless of the method used to extract a great performance, the goal is always competing with excellence.

In course 14 of the advanced audio engineering program, you will be covering the creative aspect of the recording arts by focusing on drum and bass performances during the tracking process. This course will shadow many of the same fundamentals as course six with the exception that you will have more creative control over the main decision-making for edits and changes of sound.

You will be working with Elastic Audio, Sound Replacer, and other tools in this process. Your mentor will work with you to make refined professional choices concerning what drum edits need to be made, how to quantize using Elastic Audio, and what replacement sounds to consider to make your track sound best! At the end of the course, your mentor will then upload your session files onto their system for your overdub session.

A session cleanup is no small task, but with a mentor to help you out, it can be done like a boss! Get the time correction, MIDI programming, and sound replacement rolling with your mentor first thing. Don’t forget to back everything up onto an external hard drive for easy access when you move on to tackling these processes at home on your Pro Tools setup.