Advanced Audio Engineering
Course 19: Basic Business of the Music Industry

Navigating the mysterious depths of ‘how the industry works’, can often feel overwhelming and daunting. Each role has its own unique and overlapping functions, leaving many feeling confused about who is doing what and where to draw the line. However, that doesn’t have to be the case!

With a closer look at each person or company involved in various areas of the business, it’s much easier for us all to understand exactly how and why money is made in such an interconnected environment. Once we gain a better grasp of where individuals fit into this larger picture, clarity can come from even the most complex industries.

You will learn the key information you will need to approach your career in this course. Because, while you may be doing this for the music, you still need to pay the bills. You will go over a list of career opportunities available in the field and legal information that all recording engineers, artists, or otherwise need to know to protect themselves and their hard work.

Creativity and hard work should be protected and rightfully rewarded, especially when it comes to careers in the arts. Whether you are an author, audio engineer, or a working artist, organizations like ASCAP, BMI, and The Recording Academy help ensure this by providing resources to protect copyrights and helping members get paid properly for the use of their work.