Advanced Audio Engineering
Course 20: Finding Your Own Place in the Music Business / Putting it in Writing

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the Recording Connection Advanced Audio Engineering Program. With what you’ve learned from your mentor over the past several months will put you in a great position to strike out on your own. Many past students often find work with their mentors or gain employment in other studios based on their recommendations. Some have even started their own studios!

In this final course, you will explore the music industry and think about where you belong in the music industry. You will go over some idealistic career choices with your mentor to discover what options might suit you best. This lesson is designed to help push you in the right direction to gain insight and help you develop a deeper understanding of your career path. You’ll also go over the cost of recording an album to gain perspective in the recording process. Finally, you’ll go through a final overview of what you covered throughout the Advanced Audio Program.

Keeping up your engineering and production skills is essential to developing your creative style. It’s an ongoing journey that doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s certainly one worth taking. Every project will bring you new experiences and greater knowledge, helping to form the style that’s unique to you – an inspiring process! There’s no substitute for practice, so always keep challenging yourself and pushing your boundaries as your skills evolve.

But you need to protect yourself, too. To avoid confusion and disputes down the line it is important to decide upfront who is responsible for what and what each individual’s compensation will be. We highly recommend drawing up an agreement in writing at the beginning which outlines all these details clearly. This way everyone involved can go ahead feeling confident and secure that their roles are understood and agreed upon.