Course 4: Elastic Audio and Elastic Pitch Pro Tools

In Recording Connection Advanced Audio Engineering and Music Production course lesson four, you will dive deeper into the power of Pro Tools by utilizing two of its most useful features: Elastic Audio and Elastic Pitch. This lesson helps you with recordings that were recorded out of time or out of key. Understanding the full power of this tool will also help you get more creative with a track even if it was recorded perfectly.

Section One – Elastic Audio

Elastic Audio allows you to make anything from subtle changes in transients to dramatic changes to musical phrases by lengthening, shortening, and repositioning a selected section of audio.

Section Two – Elastic Pitch

Elastic Pitch allows you to make changes in an audio’s pitch. Fine-tune a singer, guitar, or nearly any other instrument. With this tool, you can even bring instruments to reach a singer’s key for better vocal takes!