Course 8: Overdubbing Vocals and Background

Recording Connection Audio Engineering and Music Production Masters Program lesson 8 teaches you about overdubbing vocals and background overdubs. Vocals are the most critical part of your song. In this lesson, you will be covering the pre and post recording methods used for vocals.

Section One: Vocal Overdubs

You will cover the types of characteristics male singers have that differ from female singers, and the microphones that work best for your recording situation.

Section Two: Microphone Preamplifiers

Covers the use of a microphone preamplifier in the beginning of the vocal chain, which adds warmth to a vocal recording.

Section Three: Vocal Compressors

Covers the use of a vocal compressor, which can add dynamics to a vocal recording.

Section Four: Vocal Equalizers

Covers the use of a Vocal EQ, which can add punch, clarity, depth and more to a track that needs a bit of change to fit well with the other instruments in a mix.