Course 9: How to mix a song

In Recording Connection Audio Engineering and Music Production masters program lesson nine, you will find out how to make a great final mix. You will be exploring the techniques that are involved with mixing each individual track, such as EQ, compression, placing a track in the best stereo space available, and balancing all tracks in the stereo spectrum.

Section One: Monitors

How to listen to your song as you mix for the best results, keeping mind of monitor set up and volume.

Section Two: Organization And Effects

How to organize all your studio effects and keep everything neat, simplified, and even making your mix more efficient.

Section Three: Compression And EQ’s

When and how to apply compression to add dynamics to a track and how to add more life to a flat sounding track with EQ.

Section Four: Sonic Space

Placing an audio track in the right stereo space that will showcase its presence without overpowering another audio track unless desired.
In this lesson, you will also cover effects and editing techniques that are used or overused and how to keep these in mind during your final mix.