Music Business and Management
Course 1: What is the Music Business

While some artists may claim “it’s all about the music,” it’s also nice to be able to pay rent or the mortgage and put food on the table. Making music is almost an entirely creative endeavor–even technical audio engineers need to get imaginative when working with a band at times. But in order to pay for an audio engineer, buy new gear, and travel the world playing your music, you need to make money.

Even if you’re not musically inclined (but still have a passion for music), there are plenty of careers in the industry based on monetizing the music artists make. The Recording Connection Music Business Program will give you a foundational knowledge of how much work goes into the business side of making music and teach you how to get a career in the industry without knowing how to play a single chord.

From being a manager, accountant, or booking agent for the band or working in A&R, marketing, or distribution for a music label, the business side of the music industry is an ideal place to take skills you may have from a different job to begin a new career path. Lawyers, accountants, project managers, and others can find similar employment opportunities in music.

The professional side of the music business is a multi-tiered machine. From getting the right people in the room, to marketing, promoting, and protecting artists, to making deals, you’ll delve into one of the world’s most dynamic and fast-paced industries. Welcome to the Recording Connection Music Business Program!