Music Business and Management
Course 15: Social Media

When it comes to business, social media is much more than posting pictures of your cat or talking about what you had for dinner (unless, of course, you’re an influencer). When used specifically for professional purposes, social media can become a powerful marketing and promotional tool.

It also goes beyond followers, likes, and shares–or more specifically, when and where you rack up those key performance indicators. Facebook may be the big kid on the block, but what if the bulk of your artist’s audience spends their time on Instagram? Posting content to Twitter is much different than posting content to YouTube.

In this course, you’ll learn how to create a social media plan that takes advantage of each platform, down to the day and time for the most visibility. You’ll learn how to build a content calendar, schedule posts for each platform, and analyze the data to improve the content you publish, where you publish it, and when you publish it.

Your assignment for this course will be to devise a monthly content calendar for your social media platforms revolving around the release date of your artist’s song. This will include cross-promotional posts, content for specific dates, creating content, and all of the other social media best practices that were discussed during the course.