Music Business and Management
Course 2: A&R

Artists and repertoire or “A&R” as it is commonly called, is the department that’s responsible for scouting, signing, and developing artists for the record label as well as working with the label’s departments on behalf of the artists themselves. In this course, we will dive into the
many responsibilities of a record label A&R.

There are three main jobs for the A&R: Finding new talent, getting them signed, and then getting a song or album produced. In the past, you may have had to go to several smaller venues or scour the club scene to find The Next Big Thing. With the internet and streaming services, artists are getting their music out into the world much easier.

After signing an act, the A&R will work with them to get a new song produced and viable for public consumption. An A&R may also work with artists that are already signed to a label, but in either case, they will review the budget and discuss with the artist the next steps for creating a song. From there, they will take the finished product to other departments for promotion, marketing, sales, and so on.

You’ll have two assignments for this course. First, scout three artists to pitch to your mentor for the record label. You should gather all the necessary information about the artists and present a mock pitch to your mentor. You will also create a sample recording budget, as well as weekly reading, quizzes, and a blog entry describing your experiences.