Best Way to Break Into the Los Angeles Music Industry

Two people at a mixing board while someone sings in the studio to illustrate Best Way to Break Into the Los Angeles Music Industry

There’s no doubt that Los Angeles is one of those ‘must-visit’ cities if you’re looking to break into the music industry. Home to some of the world’s best recording studios, record labels, and talent agents, LA is THE location for music professionals. But what is the best way to break into the Los Angeles music…

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Best Music School in Los Angeles

A mentor and student at a digital audio workstation and sound board in a recording studio to illustrate what is the best music school in Los Angeles.

What is the Best Music School in Los Angeles? The One That Fits Your Needs Having a strong connection to the Los Angeles music industry is essential for anyone who wants to make a splash in the world of music. Attending one of the best schools in LA gives you access to valuable resources, knowledgeable…

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How Do I Become a Record Producer for Major Music Artists in Los Angeles

To people holding up gold records to illustrate How Do I Become a Record Producer for Major Music Artists in Los Angeles.

Becoming a successful music producer takes hard work, determination, and experience. Beyond learning both the technical and creative side of making music, you also need to have a nose for marketing and promotion. And If you want to become a record producer for major music artists in Los Angeles, it will take a lot of…

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How to Become a Music Producer in Los Angeles

Two people in a recording studio to illustrate how to become a music producer in Los Angeles.

Being a music producer in Los Angeles seems like a pretty sweet gig. Working with the biggest names in the industry, putting the finishing touches on a platinum record, Grammy award-winning album, or that summer anthem that everyone will still be singing for years. But it takes time and a lot of hard work if…

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How to Start a Music Career in Los Angeles

Overhead picture of two people working at a soundboard to illustrate how to start a music career in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles California is the entertainment capital of the world, chock full of movie studios, recording studios, and production studios–if it has anything to do with entertainment, they have a studio for it! There can be so many opportunities for young go-getters to start working in the music industry. But it’s a big place, so…

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What is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)?

What is a Daw?

The music industry has come a long way since needing to record a song all in one take, all in one place. Today, the brass can be in New Orleans, the vocals in Nashville, and the percussion in Pretoria. An audio engineer then brings it all together thanks to today’s amazing gear, software, and digital…

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So you’ve written a great song or a piece of music, and you want to get it recorded and saved as soon as possible. Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to wait until you have the money to record it professionally in a recording studio (or try to remember your song by recording…

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OPTIMUM MONITORING ENVIRONMENT Normal construction — parallel walls, sheetrock, 2×4’s, plywood, insulation, hollow floors and doors, etc. — may be robbing you of the clarity and proper sound imaging that you need from your monitor speakers. Try these steps for improving the situation: Locate your monitor speakers one to two feet away from the wall….

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MICROPHONE SELECTION AND PLACEMENT Standard techniques for miking snare drums, guitars and vocals are well-documented, but sometimes unusual situations can trip you up in the studio. Here are a couple of tricks: If the drum set you’re miking has six or more toms, individually miking each tom may not produce the clearest sound (due to…

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Recording Tips – Hum and Buzz

This is one of the most evasive and frustrating phenomena ever to invade our workstations. Let’s get rid of it! Use only one A/C “breaker” line for your workspace. No shared appliances (ie: refrigerator, washer/dryer, dishwasher). Do not “daisy-chain” power strips, one after another. Use only one power strip per A/C wall outlet. Positively NO…

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Miking the Kick Drum

You can record a kick drum using two mics and have ultimate control of thickness and punch. Here’s how: Use a mike that has a high SPL (sound pressure level) to mike the inside of the kick, close to the head. Move the mike around to get the best of the “click” of the beater….

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Live music is big business. The highest-grossing tours by major label artists can rake in hundreds of millions of dollars every year.  The even more shocking aspect of this objective fact is that they are getting more lucrative all the time. Sure, people talk about the music industry being harder and harder to make money…

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How to Become a Music Producer?

Music production mentor in the recording studio teaching students how to be a music producer

What do you Need to Become a Music Producer? The role of a music producer can be one of the most exciting and creative jobs within the music industry, but it can also be one of the most hectic. If you’re serious about being a producer you need to be fully invested. You need to…

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How to get a Song Professionally Recorded

Everyone, at some point in time, has dreamed of being a rockstar. Finding a massive audience for music that’s a direct reflection of who you are. Finding a platform to create artwork that’s a sincere reflection of your thoughts, opinions, and experiences. However, most people leave it as a daydream. It takes a very rare…

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If you’re an up-and-coming musician there’s only one way to get noticed. Make work. You need to be producing songs. You need to be out in the streets making connections and showing your abilities. That’s the only way to make headway within the industry. A while back, the only way to get ahead was to…

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