Aldo Cascio – Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

Exceeded my expectations. Whether you went to school for audio engineering or a complete amateur like myself, I highly recommend taking on this experience with Recording Connection. I was linked with Engine Room Audio in New York City, and it was an amazing experience being surrounded by industry professionals and mentors for 6 months. They gave me such amazing insight on the music industry and tools to elevate my skills on music production.
Vinnie was my instructor teaching me the course, and I looked forward to every lesson. It was great being 1 on 1 with him to watch him work at the same time get the education catered to what I wanted to learn and understand better.
I learned so much from being hands on in their top tier studio and live room with guidance of experienced engineers, willing to answer any questions and demonstrate professional tactics from recording, mixing, mastering and simple professional studio etiquette. It was an amazing bonus to be able to also attend seminars and live studio sessions to shadow once again experienced professionals. A Q&A with 2 big producers, Buda & Grandz, a hands on workshop with Jed Cappelli operating analog synthesizers, a mixing “in the box” tutorial with Nacor Zuluaga, to many lectures with Mark Christiansen. I couldn’t of asked for a better experience.
Mark Christiansen, the owner of the studio and head mastering engineer, was very helpful and inspiring. Being inexperienced myself, I feel very confident now I can continue to incorporate music in my life at another level and build into more experience every day.
As well having a mentor from Recording Connection Alex Solis, who provided additional assistance at home to further engage my learning experience. The priceless aspect of this program as well was the network I built from other students to my mentors that I have available for the rest of my life. Personally music is my passion and a hobby I will never stop as I have played piano since I was 4 years old, and my main goal is to always have fun with it, but I also believe it can turn into something I can make part of my career.
Thank you for providing this opportunity, it truly is a great program. I would definitely consider taking another course.

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