Alexis Gaffney – Sherwood, Wisconsin

I had such a great time with recording connections. My Academic Facilitator, Dougy, was awesome. This is my first time working with Ableton and I had absolutely zero knowledge on how the DAW worked or where to even start with producing music. Dougy walked me through it all the way and helped me lay down ideas I had and helped me develop them. He always answered whatever questions I had and showed me a bunch of cool producers and music he listened to or what he was working on. I learned a lot through this course and it has encouraged me to continue on with another course that I’m super excited about. I loved how hands on the course was and that it really encouraged me to get into it right away. Being introduced to all the hardware and synths that come along with producing really just got me more excited about this career. It was also awesome getting to work with G.W. Childs on a song and going through the process of producing a full song. I also loved that I got two different perspectives on music and how to produce. It’s really helped me to find out what works for me and how to get the best workflow out of myself. They are also super flexible with when you schedule class time and if anything comes up they are understanding and make it easy to reschedule. Overall I highly recommend coming to Recording Connections if you’re looking to start a music career or are already involved in one!

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