Andrew Maisch – Wylie, Texas

My advisor Nico Farias was amazing through my journey at RRFC. He always motivated me to do better and helped me with any questions I had. I could text or email him a question or get his opinion on a song I have being working on and in the matter of minutes I could get a response. Nico definitely made my experience at RRFC a whole lot better and I highly recommend him to any new students coming in. RRFC has a whole has been one of the best decisions I had made. For what they give you and how little cost it all is its an amazing program for anybody that wants to get into the music industry. With the hands on training in a real professional studio and then having weekly calls with your academic advisor to help you whenever needed. When I receive my Grammy I will definitely be shouting out RRFC for helping me become an amazing mixing engineer.

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