Anthony Sgro – Toledo, Ohio

Recording Connection is wonderful. I am very glad that I had enrolled and went through the program. I wish I would have been a lot more organized before doing so though. The program opens a lot of doors and has so much too offer! What you put into it is what you will get out of it. It was so wonderful getting Connected with Jon ********* of Death Defier and Brett Dennison of 419 FireFly Studios. Both are very professional, extremely knowledgable and the absolute the best to work with for sure! Jon was very accommodating with sessions and I am so pleased with how generous Brett was with getting me so many observation hours!!! I have learned so much about recording and mixing, I feel that it would have taken a few years to get where I am at upon completion of the program! I am very happy and what seemed impossible just a few months ago comes so effortlessly now.

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