Ashlee Smith (Ashleigh) – Denver, Colorado

I'm actually quite impressed with RRFC. I at first didn't know what to expect; I wasn't sure how they were going to make the experience more hands-on than the regular college/university experience of taking a course. Once I got fully started up with the music production Ableton program (with both the lesson days and weekly calls with my Academic Facilitator), I saw exponential improvement in my music-making capabilities. I can literally see the difference in the quality of my music when comparing now from before I started the program and I can say I'm very pleased! I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in growing their skills and becoming confident in those developing skills both on their own and within a professional environment. I met a lot of nice, wonderful artists and both my mentor and Academic Facilitator have helped me blossom further into the producer that I want to be. Can't wait to see how they advise me with my career direction, I trust that they will be just as helpful. Thanks a bunch!

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