Benjamin Bialla – Santa Barbara, California

Working with Rellevant at Two West Studios has been a great experience. He is extremely knowledgeable, personal, and has a genuine desire to make music that is authentic and has substance. He is positive and encouraging to his clients and being in the studio with him is always a super stress free and enjoyable time. He is a “jack of all trades” and is always happy to give advice based on his experiences in music and life in general.

Working remote with Nico Farias has been a valuable compliment to the hands on experience with Rellevant. Nico is extremely resourceful and works quickly. He is organized and efficient with his teaching style, and always has a great attitude. Nico gets straight to the point with how to do specific tasks in Pro Tools and this is a huge advantage to students like myself who have a lot of questions.

– Ben Bialla, Recording Connection Student

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