Benjamin Taylor – Glendale, California

Recording Connection is an awesome experience primarily because it allows for a personalized, hands-on learning experience. This method of education was far more appealing to me than the large lecture format of a traditional school. One of the main benefits of the program is the academic facilitator, who is there whenever you need questions answered, available to assist you over video chat. My academic facilitator, Hunter Arbaugh, was an invaluable resource to my experience in the program, and I highly recommend him as an academic facilitator for students going forward. My mentor, Donny Baker at ES Audio in Burbank, is an incredible mentor who truly wants to see his students succeed in the industry, and does a fantastic job of getting students comfortable in a studio and around studio equipment. He also imparts important knowledge about the music industry to give students a realistic idea of what to expect going forward. Being able to learn recording skills in such a professional environment is nothing short of inspiring. The program also appealed to be due to the fact you can personalize your own schedule; this allows you to accommodate lessons around work and other duties outside the studio. For the experience you get at Recording Connection, the price of admission is well worth it, especially compared to other recording schools which don’t offer the same hands-on, personalized experience. You will get out of the program what you put into it – it is all about utilizing your time at the studio and reaching out to your mentor and academic facilitator as resources. Overall I would highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to get the best introduction to the recording industry possible.

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