Brandie Wilson – Denver, Colorado

I had a wonderful experience with the Recording Connection. My facilitator Alex Solis a very cool & an awesome guy who is very helpful whenever I need any help and always called to check to see how things were going & if there was ever any help needed. I had enrolled into their 6 month music program that went by so fast, and I enjoyed being a student. They work with you and your schedule. My mentor Josh Denhardt is awesome!!! Awesome producer and mentor! I knew nothing about the Pro Tools program and he has taught me a whole lot on how to use the DAW. I did struggle with the program at first but he showed me easier ways to understand and how to use the program. I've learned sampling music, drums, copywriting and so much more. I had went through a lot during the program & at times of having to take off and my mentor and facilitator was so understanding & I had appreciated that. I had received all the help that I needed & now I have graduated. thank you Alex S. & especially Josh Denhardt! Thank you again you rock!!!

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