Caleb Ostermann – Ames, Iowa

Overall, This was a great experience! Even past the fact that I was hired on as the audio engineer at the studio I was mentored at, the education I received was monumental to my growth in AE. I took the Audio Engineering & Music Production program which laid a good foundation of knowledge that I am able to easily build off of. The experience in the studio was quite good though for most of my time in the program, it was relatively slow – which cannot be helped. The quality of the program really does depend on the mentor that you have. Even though mine was more of an audio engineer than a teacher (which is understandable), the lack of understanding was made up for with my remote mentor (Bennet Piaper). Rather than just showing me tips and tricks on a random stem pack, He used the music I was already working on to improve the mix. Super helpful and encouraging! While some of the curricula seemed a little out of date, for the most part, I felt as though it covered a good amount of ground for a 6 month time period.

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