Christian Morrissey – Dallas, Texas

I cannot emphasize enough or explain the multitude of benefits that I gained through my experience at RRFC. It was already hard enough for me to make (what felt like to me) a huge leap of faith to follow what I truly knew to be my passion in life, music. With so many different schools to choose from, I was unsure which one would be the most beneficial to my education. After a couple of google searches, and reading many reviews, RRFC was the only school that consistently stood out to me. They meet to so many different levels of education and go beyond the books to give you hands on experience. First, they set you up with a local industry professional whom with provide a priceless, mentorship experience. Having this mentorship relationship was VITAL in the application of the ebook lessons and beyond, creating networking opportunities and relationships that continue beyond the completion of the program. Second, the school additionally provides you with your own personal academic advisor whom gives you unconditional support with any questions concerning the program and beyond. My advisor Sam Zulfer, was extremely supportive and invested during my experience through the program; ensuring my understanding of key concepts and techniques. He always reached out to me, and never failed to be there for me when I needed clarity. He made sure to always be there in any format I needed via phone, text, email, or zoom, depending on the nature of the question. Lastly, they provide continued support beyond the program and help you to apply this experience professionally. The relationships that I have gained with my mentor Francesco and advisor Samuel reach beyond graduation, and will continue to do so. RRFC provides real relationship building opportunities that you will not get from other schools. I gained so much more than I ever thought I would through this school, and left me with experience and confidence moving forward. I highly recommend this school for anyone who is passionate about music.

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