Christina Dorough – Lake Jackson, Texas

Recording Connections was a great experience. I was happy the academic facilitator, Hunter Arbaugh, was able to quickly answering any questions I had throughout the program. It was easy scheduling online sessions every week for private lessons as I was learning how to use Ableton Live. Having no prior experience in production software, I was slightly overwhelmed but that feeling soon subsided as every week I was understanding more concepts of beat making, sound design, etc. Highly recommended Hunter! He has tons of experience and was awesome at explaining everything carefully. I also had Matt as a mentor, an experienced producer at Studio 713, going over ebook lessons and giving me advice along the way. Both mentors suggested equipment and useful plug-ins beyond just the stock plug-ins available. It's amazing how much I've learned in just six months! Feels like I learned new language, excited to continue on this journey.

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