Cole Rasmussen – Katy, Texas

I had an amazing time with RRFC with both my Mentor Sam Zulfer and Matt my mentor I worked with in the studio. My favorite part about the program was having Sam, who creates similar genres to what I produce, be able to see my Ableton screen and take control and show tips and tricks to very specific areas of where I could improve my tracks. I now feel very confident in my own ability to produce and mix/master my own music like never before because of all of the information learned here. The online Ebook was great for breaking things down in a logical order and working through somethings I didnt know existed even after 5 years of prior self teaching. Being in the studio was also a great experience sitting in on studio sessions to see what its like to work in a studio with a client for various different things. The school really wanted to see me succeed and it showed through all of my experiences with RRFC. I'm extremely thankful for everything!

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