Cory Coleman – Las Vegas, Nevada

Working and learning from mentors Mark Scarboro and Sam Zulfer has sure been an absolute pleasure. I would highly recommend RRFC to anyone that is serious about entering into the music production business. My experience included hands-on, in-depth detail about how to properly level sounds to create masterful pieces of art. With clear communication, Sam is a lot of fun to work with, and super knowledgeable when it comes to knowing key concepts in the curriculum. Mark, my in-person mentor, is beyond brilliant. Providing one of the coolest studios I?ve been in, I love learning from him because there is nothing to hide. He has been genuine from the moment we met, and continues to inspire me to learn more, and branch out every time I?m in the studio. All around excellence and positive energy, this has been a blast and can?t wait to continue on!

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