Darius Shorter – Texarkana, Texas

Hello Mr. Zulfer I just want to say thank you for continuously pushing me to get my work done and to not fall behind and give up. Thank you, Radio Recording Film Connection for the great learning experience. Thanks for the knowledge hands on and off. Madison Records of Atlanta was such a big inspiration to my life and educational experience. Mr. Wyatt was the perfect producer of choice to learn from. He is calm and collect he knows what move to do right after the completed task he was previously working on. Seeing him in this form of work gave me the insight of how a real music producer operates and how he thinks. Being around Madison Records gave me the knowledge of the music industry not only by showing me what equipment is best to use for a certain project but by showing me the business side of the music industry as well. I was glad I took a leap of faith an picked RRFC to complete my education in Audio production. Thanks for everything. I took this knowledge and decide to launch my own Record Label called Digital Drip Records LLC. I will always keep a reminder of how the RRFC help me make my dream come true. I will be happy to promote and tell the world what great work RRFC is doing to help students like me who have a passion in radio, recording, and film dreams become their reality.

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