Dylan Bristol – Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Truly enjoyed my time in the program and felt it was impactful with hands on learning from my academic facilitator. I was able to get in at least 2 sessions a week, sometimes 3. The course work is easy to build around a busy schedule. Sam Zulfer is PHENOMENAL to work with and has an abundance of knowledge in production. The workbook was relatively easy material but it gives you a lot of really good information to start from if you have minimal experience in production/engineering. At the start of the program I was primarily a vocalist, with amateur engineering experience, & none in production. My main goal was to get better at engineering vocals/instrumentals. At the end of the program, I was able to do that AND produce my own instrumentals. I finished up the program with a track that I created from start to finish (Vocals, production, mixing, mastering) & that is more than I anticipated going in. Really excited to continue building on the skills i’ve learned over the past couple months. Highly recommend Sam as an academic facilitator

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