Hunter Caballero – Schertz, Texas

I believe that this program has been very beneficial to my understanding of the career field I would like to pursue. The mentor I was assigned to work with really challenged me and took me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible. The lessons and the knowledge I've learned from my mentor will no doubt stay with me forever. The hands-on nature of the program was the thing I enjoyed most, you get a genuine feel for how a professional studio is supposed to be run. Another massive positive is the team you have behind you at RRFC. The councilors and staff at RRFC really want their students to do the best that they can do, not to mention they are also very welcoming and extremely helpful. If you need help with anything they will be right by your side and ready to help you any way they can. Overall a genuinely positive experience. if you or someone you know is looking to start a career in the arts this is definitely the place to start.

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