Jeremy Poreca – Austin, Texas

Great exposure to commercial studio and a peek in to how the industry works. I had some experience with home studio recording & mixing beforehand. The course took me to a high confidence level and gave me access to analog equipment/consoles/high end mic locker/and talented full time working engineers. Honestly, it is what you make of it. Course content is basic, most value is absorbing and doing in the partner studio with your mentor. I also think you can streamline your learning with this course vs. being in the vast ocean of opinion found in free resources. Sobering reality is that finding stable working income in the audio engineer industry is difficult – but possible. There is a limited amount of roles in a saturated business with a highly evolving home studio/prosumer studio competition exponentially growing. If you're doing it to get better at your music, just hire an engineer and save tuition! But if you want to record other people, mix other people's songs – this is a great direct way to get started.

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