Jimmy Calderon – Ridgecrest, California

Being a RRFC student has elevated my music production so much when I joined the program I started a beginner barely knowing anything now I know so much. Training with a actual pro helped so much because it’s not like watching videos on YouTube you get to actually learn right there and get help not like YouTube where you can learn some bad habits on, also you get to work in a studio. Working with my mentor was so fun we did so much work like working on full tracks and then taking some days to just work on our drum sounds, our melodies, and our bass lines. What rocked my world was how fast you learn in this program, I went from being a beginner to be able to make my own songs now that is crazy to me. The length of the program is six months and you learn so much in just that matter of six months, it worked for me because six months is not long at all and you learn at a fast pace which is real helpful for me. The tuition is so affordable it won’t leave people in deep debt like if people went somewhere else to get this kind of knowledge. Learning from a person that is already in the industry is way better than from learning from so classroom because you get to be hands on the whole time you don’t really have to sit around and take notes the whole time you get to be working hands on the whole time which is my favorite part about this program. Learning in-industry is the best thing that anybody can do cause it sets people up for what they want to do anyway, and the ebooks help a lot you will learn a lot from the ebooks as well which is the best thing because you learn so much in this program. I would have to say that since I joined this program I have such a clearer vision of the future that I am building for my self now thanks to RRFC.

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