Jimmy Kohegyi – Mercer, Wisconsin

Lucas ****** and Sam Zulfer. The knowledge between both of these high skilled teachers blew my mind a couple of times!!! Lucas was my mentor and taught me to keep it simple, pointed my weaknesses out, pulled my strengths out, and kept me (inside the grid!!) :). We were able to form a bond between us leading into a nice friendship. I 100% believe he HAS my back and truly cares and wants me to succeed. Sam ******* I too will consider him as a mentor as well. He pushed me to always come up with something and always deliver it no matter what. The creative aspects and the different types of tricks he has in the tool shed are 5 stars!!! I was able to form a great friendship with him as well and I 100% believe he HAS my back and IS there to help and guild me to success. My final summary…… I graduated with the Ableton Electronic Music Production Program. My name is ***** *******…….Put in the work. 🙂

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