Jordana Sidlow – Valley Stream, New York

My experience with the Recording Connection Music Production and Audio Engineering program at Engine Room Audio Studios has been amazing! There were so many opportunities to learn, and share what I've learned throughout the whole program. My Academic Facilitator, Alex, and my mentors at the studio offered their guidance and expertise whenever I needed it. It was awesome to become familiar with the studio, and learn about the environment in which my favorite records were made. It was incredible to work with the faculty at Engine Room Audio. They were all very knowledgeable, and offered their unique perspectives and styles when asked a question. I loved having the chance to utilize the gear in the studio and seeing how much of a difference quality equipment can make in musical situations!
The online textbook was thorough without being boring. I appreciated how it gave me a well rounded base of information to build upon in the future. I now find myself more comfortable with the fundamentals of audio engineering, and more confident to explore this field on my own!
– Jordana Sidlow

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