JR Stewart – Elora, Ontario

RRFC has provided me with what I had hoped it would and more.

From my connection with Sam; my mentor through the program, who genuinely cared about my progress and was there to efficiently help me develop the skills I wished to acquire. To my connection with Jony; the owner of a studio in a city near me, who gave me valuable real life experience meeting clients, completing tasks, and even becoming involved in the recording & editing of podcasts for the first time. (Covid did put a halt to in person sessions at the studio, but we would move over to zoom and begin to have successful discussions over there) The online e-booklet style course I was supplied with was of high quality and contained the information that I was hoping to learn & attain. While I’m still young and have quite the future to go, my time with RRFC brought great value and has helped me gain a much clearer mind as to where I could be in the industry and how I can go about it. I am very much looking forward to one day going for coffee with Sam, my mentor out in LA (i’m in Canada), and thanking him in person

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