Kindle Burley – Fort Worth, Texas

Your paying a great price for a chance at all of the basic knowledge you need for it all leaving you hungering. For more from your mentor. I know for sure spending this money on a mentor the ability to connect and finding new doors and so many chances to learn and questions will be answered. When it's troublesome and need extra help they go above and beyond to.get u in a tutor session with your administrator . Extremely happy with this. Just fair warning no one holds hands so be prepared to work. Big shout outs to my administrator. SAM ZULFER. PLEASE CONTACT HIM I REC9MEND HIM highly favored. Same goes with my mentor. His passion and genuine love for music and teaching others will leave u in amazement every time . And will get u from novice to where u want to be by the end of program. Shout out to Francesco Benvenuto. So again thank u for the opportunity now all I need to do is see where they canbhelp me get and how far my teachings will let me go. Thank u all

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