Koroush Atlasi – Plano, Texas

“Training with actual pro and learning hands-on with equipment is the best way for me, because you’re in the moment and you realize your mistakes and achievements.

I have a great mentor, working with Francesco Benvenuto taught me how to think like a pro, and how to be able to mix and master music for production.

Music is my world, and to be able to play it the way I love, I learned in this school the mastery to express my soul with music, and I owe that to my instructors Francesco Benvenuto and Alex Solis.

The length of the program allowed me to progress on time, motivated me to work long enough on my skills and be able to achieve the next level.

Tuition of education in united stated is not cheap but allowing me to make affordable payment and step closer to my dream is priceless.

The tools and knowledge I learned from classes, now I have more confidence to achieve my goals, thanks to you guys!

Hands-on experience and being able to use the actual tools in this industry helped me more than any classroom and any book to read.

For me, real learning is the actual working on the project itself, and this course allowed me more to do so, and encouraged me to be the best at what I love to do.”

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