Kyron O’Berry – Sacramento, California

My time at RRFC was an amazing experience and I definitely learned a lot. My mentor J Intell is Great at what he does and it was an honor to shadow him through out the whole program. He really knows the ins and outs of everything and takes his time on showing you how things work and what they do. He's just an overall good person and he inspired me in so many ways. My academic counselor Jon ********* has been with by side every step of the way to make sure things were going well and being there for extra support if I needed any thing and i appreciate him for that. I would recommend this school because I think being next to people who are already in this profession and seeing how they perform and operate is truly motivating in a lot of ways and if your a visual/hands on learner you will truly benefit from this program. This clearly was the best choice for me and my career in what I want to do in the music business.

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