Madison Woods – Petersburg, Virginia

I have nothing but great things to say about the Recording Connection Program. The audio production/ audio engineering program was a great fit for me, getting hands-on training from a professional with years of experience took all the guesswork out to put my mind at ease. No more going to sites on the internet for helpful tips to what I should or shouldn't do when it came to producing or recording vocals and engineering which saved me a whole lot of time and stress. My mentor Kelly Jones who is the General Manager of Da Spot Recording Studio in Richmond, Va gave me the best insight, teaching me to mix songs with feeling and letting me know not to overthink things which can jam me up. This tip from my mentor gave me better end results when it came to mixing songs that I never thought I could achieve before. My Academic Facilitator Jon Bicchieri was always on point with checking in on me and making sure I stayed on the right path following the School's Curriculum. He gave me great notes on assignments and always had a positive mindset even when I was struggling and couldn't focus. Jon was also able to lend a second ear outside of my mentor pertaining to mixing songs that I couldn't get my head around, which led me down the right path to where I have excelled today thanks to the Recording Connection Program.

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